Pain Baby
Abigail Annalee sensualpain 2017-12-10 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Master James has caught himself a live one this time and the fear in her eyes is intoxicating. Something tells me she knew exactly what she was doing all on her lonesome, lookin so cute and poking her nose around in places she wasn't supposed to be.
Abigail Annalee finds herself tethered at the waist by chain to a hand crank, ankles cuffed to the floor spreading her legs, hands cuffed behind her head, ball gagged and teetering over a bed of rusty nails. Not knowing what kind of torment is to come, her eyes are wide with fear as Master James stings her thighs with the cane and whip. The sound of the chain being cranked tighter is like something out of your worst nightmares. Near a full blown panic he places a plastic bag over her head to bathe in her terror. Just before her legs give out (after being in a constant squat position) thrusting her body into the bed of nails, Master James takes her down to the ground and fastens her legs in an awkward cross scissor position with her wrists attached to a single post above her head.Disoriented and confused she hardly realizes there is a cattle prod dancing dangerously close to her flesh... but the bzzzzzzz of electricity catches her attention right before the first zap to the bottom of her foot. Her clothes are cut from her body to expose just her tender bits to the tip of his knife and the bite of the cattle prod.

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