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Sublime (verb) - to elevate to a high degree of purity or excellence. Piper Rage has come to OT for just this. She knows she needs training, but she wants, so badly, to be the perfect slave. She has the body for it, nice tits, a round ass, tight holes, but her attitude needs adjusting and her skills could use some improvement.

OT gives her a single job, to put together a device that he has designed, as it appears in the photograph. She doesn't just fail, she curses and quits. It's unacceptable behavior from a girl who believes that she has the potential to be a good slave. She needs to be corrected and disciplined. Some paddling on her ass will serve to teach her to keep her mouth shut and her mind on the task.

It does the trick. She quickly assembles the gear to his specifications. She doesn't know it right away, but this little piece is something especially for her. It's going to keep her body locked into position while OT violates her tight pussy with a dildo and uses a vibrator to get her off. Obedience, after all, has its rewards.
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