Tag Team Part 1
Sierra Cirque realtimebondage 2016-05-21 18.99 credits Buy Movie
A few dozen glass bottles make for an interesting little prop when we have the sexy Sierra Cirque around for a RealTimeBondage live feed. We are the toughest sadists on the web, mostly because we listen to our equally sadistic membership when they suggest devious ways to destroy our submissive sluts, and as innocuous as these look at first glance, they are going to make Sierra miserable very quickly.

It's impossible to balance on them without feeling the pain in her feet, but it's even harder when she is being whipped by a couple of single tails. We would probably leave her up there all day, stripped naked and on display, but it wouldn't be as fun. Instead we take her down, tape her mouth shut to stifle the screams, and start spanking her ass until it is bright pink. It's a good start to what promises to be a very sexy day for Sierra.

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