Living Bondage Fantasy 2
Maggie Mead hardtied 2020-04-29 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Maggie Mead has a lot of hardware in that cunt of hers. It makes it extra sensitive and the place she loves to have touched the most. With a little bit of cock sucking she may even get to cum. Just not before she earns it.

When you get a clear look at her ass you can see how hard she is trying to please PD. There are stripes all over it from the whips and canes. The way he has her handcuffed keeps her ass poked out so that it is easy to get at. The look of disgust on her face makes it obvious that she knows how easily she can be violated this way.

On the bed things are a little bit different. PD is more focused on her tits and what kind of pain he can inflict upon them. They turn blue as soon as they are tied off, which lets them both know that they are sensitive and ready for flogging.
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Living Bondage Fantasy
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