Bed Ridden
Arielle Aquinas hardtied 2018-10-03 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Arielle Aquinas is having a lovely day in bed. She's just lounging around when OT comes over to play. For him to really have fun he's got to get Arielle tied up and tied up good. She doesn't seem to mind one bit. When lounging turns to a severe strapaddo and hair tie she's moans and groans while wriggling around the bed.

She's got way too many clothes on so OT helps her remove them. Her panties are stuffed in her mouth over a pair of pantyhose, finished off with some black tape. The INSEX mask keeps her quiet and unaware of what is to come. She flinches at the slightest noise so when OT hits the bed with the flogger she screams through her gagged mouth.

Arielle is a big squirter. Doubters beware! With the right tools, namely any object that fits in her cunt, and the right vibrations Arielle will drench whatever is in the vicinity. As OT finds out it's not all that difficult. He ties her spread eagle, puts a rope around her neck, shoves Mr. Pogo in her pussy and goes to town on her clit. It's not long before the mattress is soaked.
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