Ingenue In White
Abigail Dupree    
2018-08-26, 27 minutes, 1,368 megabytes, 1920x1080 Ultra4K
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Exploiting purity, caressing the innocence and fondling virtue is unethical. Piety must be preserved! Dejected, dignity lost by detainment, groping and manhandled. Demoralization... What is this endearing fascination with corrupting morality, yet we want to preserve and revere it, even cherish it... We do this to commit the perfect corruption! We fondle wrongdoing to an Ingenue In White. B&D bondage and discipline.

French; anj e noo - Is an innocent or unsophisticated young
fille. Abigail Dupree portrays the part of an artless innocent, unworldly girl or a simple young women not quite of age. She is inexperienced, callow to a fault in the presence of a skilled Master of the arts of TPE as Master James represents in act and pretense. she is pressed to feel here deep desires, the need, now drawn to Master⁄slave training and discipline to feel complete and not alone.
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