London River    
2015-04-24, 53 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
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London River has made her decisions. She prefers damn near anything to the experience of being tickled. And so she will have damn near everything.

We're not just talking about hard, metal bondage, and a few easy orgasms. OT is a crack shot with a whip and he's not afraid to use it. London is locked down with her legs in the air and her pussy is covered with a pump, getting it ready for later. Since he has no access to her clit OT takes the opportunity to lay some strikes down right on her tight little back door.

But it doesn't matter how hard he hits her, it's the light touch or a poke in the ribs that she hates the most. Pussy whipping, nipple clamps, anal violation, or whatever else he wants are all fair game. It's good to know what makes a girl sweat.
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