Weekend @ London's Part 4
London River realtimebondage 2017-04-01 18.99 credits Buy Movie
London River is very special to us here at Real Time Bondage, so she's got some extra time in her very special live feed. She's still got proof of the last few hours she's spent with us: imprints of rope wrapping around her tits and neck almost like it's still there.

Today's torment is less likely to leave a physical imprint on London, but the mental mark is bound to last for years. She is strapped down to a plank with belts at her neck, waste, and calves so that she can't move. The plank is on a metal beam so that it rotates at about her hip. In front of her there is a huge tub of water, so that as her darling friends lift her feet up, London's face will be slowly dipped into it.

O.T. watches as Matt Williams holds the one end and dunks the other, slowly at first, and then quickly over and over again. London Splutters and cries as she plunges head first into the water again and again until it feels as if her lungs are burning. It's more terrifying than painful but you couldn't tell that from the tears streaming from her eyes. Once it's gotten to be too much they let her off, give her a quick hug, and move on to the next item on the list.
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