[Archive] Breaking Pointe, Part Two
Although Odette has only begun to adjust to Madam Graves' and Madam Blac's unique ballet training technique, she quickly took to Betty's voluminous breasts. In them, little Odette has found some comfort.

The rigorous training continues in Odette studying the art of maintaining grace while experiencing increasing amounts of pressure.

Odette is first tied into a classic ballet stance. Her will is tested when instructed to maintain a pretty face while enduring both the flogger and the whip. Its a struggle to maintain a smile.

In order to teach Odette the signature five ballet positions, Madam Graves believes they should be learned from the inside out. Elise thinks today's lesson is best taught in a literal, trampling sort of way.

But Odette simply isn't getting it.

She is missing the heart and soul of it all. Dancing bears one's soul.

Where Odette insists that she practice for her upcoming audition, Madam Graves, however, sees the larger issue. Odette must participate in a truly soulful dance. Madam Blac provides this opportunity. Elise tapes Odette's face directly between Betty's two giant tits. The closer Odette is to Betty's heart, Elise concludes, the better able she is to experience Betty's love for ballet.

This shared love for ballet between Madam Blac and Odette transcends all things and their relationship quickly turns smothering. Betty seems to be content, but its difficult to discern how Odette feels about it.

Even after Elise discovers this new relationship dynamic, she manages to help guide little Odette down her own path of life.

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