Cheater Cheater Pussy Eater
Being the slut that lures innocent girl's boyfriends into bed is dangerous business when that girl, Lex Harper, happens to be friends with a man like O.T. It's easy to see why the poor sap strayed, looking at how hot Violet Monroe is, so you can't really blame him, but her on the other hand... she needs to be taught a lesson.

There is no question that Violet is sexy. Long red hair, tight curves, and a pussy that gets dripping wet at the drop of a hat, it's no wonder that she is snapping up other women's men left and right. O.T., however, isn't so easily charmed. He's here to punish her for her transgressions, not moon over her like some love struck sucker.

He's going to make her hurt all over. Whipping her tits, her ass, and her pussy, clamping her most sensitive places, and generally turning her body inside out for his own amusement. She screams when she can, even through the gags, but the only person who can hear her is Lex, and she's getting off on it.
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