Devilynne bound in half and tag team fucked by huge cock, finished off with fucking machine!
Devilynne took a break to go be a MILF, but is now back with a vengeance. This tiny little spinner has always liked the sex, but she has come back twice as eager. And we are more than happy to have her. A pent up MILF in need of the dick is one of our favorite things to play with. We aren’t going to make this easy on her.

Bound on her back, folded in half and shackled to a wooden wall, her shaved holes perfectly exposed. They are a welcome sight. She is going nowhere fast, which is just how we like them. We step up and take what is on the menu. Devilynne’s tight and tiny hole is strained to the max by the huge cock, and a look of pleasurable pain dances across her face. It only encourages us.

The rough and merciless fucking is only the start. We ramp up the pace and throw in a vibrator. Devilynne yelps and twitches as her sensitive pussy is overloaded with sensation. It is no matter. She is here for training and training is what she is going to get. Time for the big guns.

We bring out a fucking machine. Fucking machines never get tired. They never slow down. They are relentless. Devilynne is doomed. Bless her heart. We bolt the machine in place, set it on high and walk away. Her whimpers follow us out of the studio. We will be back for another round after our lunch break...
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