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Elise Graves continues her grand tour of PDs Play House as she checks out even more implements of torment that he has set out. He calls in his assistant, Sister Dee, to give Elise a demonstration. She looks her gift whore in the mouth for a bit before she decides exactly which games she wants to play. The first couple of rounds will involve gasping for air, Sister Dee begins with pussy gas through an old gas mask.

This is just the preview of what will come later. When the two of them work together, PD and SD are so much worse than separate. He has a new vacuum unit that he wants to try out on Elise and her pretty little clitty. They ramp the mind-fuck discussing the unit, and its painful effects. She is transported to an alien operating room that is designed to meld pain and pleasure. Ramp up the suction, pulse the circuit, throb and prod the genitals -- short circuit Elise's mind.
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