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There is face fucking and there is face fucking and then there is what Sexuallybroken does. Today Yasmine De Leon is here to get the Sexuallybroken treatment, which is to be bound down, made to cum and facefucked until her brains run right out of her pretty little skull. This is throatboarding at its finest.

The set up is beautiful in its simplicity, you don't need fancy bondage to completely control someone. A few metal pipes and leather belts is all it takes to reduce Yasmine to a facepussy on her knees. On her knees is a very good look for her, and we walk right up and make full use of her face. Once the rock hard cock is introduced to her tender throat meat, Yasmine starts to grasp what she is in for. There will be no mercy, no restraint, no gentleness, just us using her face for all long and as hard as we desire.

The dick owns her mouth, the vibrator owns her pussy. She is reduced to a cumming, drool covered sexual animal in bondage. The tighter the restraints, the deeper the cock goes down her throat, the harder she cums. Her makeup is destroyed and her face is slick with her own juices. Gone is the pretty porn star that stepped onto our stage, the dick has reduced her to her essence-a sheath for our cock.

When we have turned this starlet into a babbling cummed out shell of her former self, when we have ripped every orgasm left out of her pussy, we wrap up. Yasmine's eyes are clouded and vacant in her well fucked face. We leave her languishing in her bondage. We might be back for another round later-if we feel like it. Enjoy the ride my dear...
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