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Welcome back Alisha Adams. In her last update you saw how tough she was, today we post the very first scene we did that day. It is the Meet and Greet, where we determine if the girl is tough enough to even do another scene. Now you can see what we saw in Alisha, that special quality that makes her a titan in the rough sex and bondage world.

Alisha looks amazing in her tiny, pink mini skirt. The first thing about Alisha is she is not a regular porn girl, she does a little bit, but is very new to the entire affair. She has done some Bondage, but never both Bondage and sex at the same time.

So we start by probing her strengths and weaknesses, and we do that onstage while you watch. We start slow, with simple but tight bondage then add to it, harder and harder. We bind her elbows behind her, then take her big natural breasts and cruelly bind them, making her watch as we do it. She feels the pain of each boob wrapped tighter and tighter. She is humiliated at how we make her boobs look and feel. We have taken one of her beautiful features and deformed it into a tight ball of flesh for our pleasure.

Now we find out if this girl can suck cock with any skill. We knock her to her knees and push the hard cock into her mouth. She struggles, but collects herself, soon we are fucking the back of her throat, deep and hard. Another test passed. We stand her up and make her strip for us, it tough when your elbows are bound tightly behind you, but she manages.

We make her get on her knees and turn to show us her ass. We inspect her perfect ass and pussy, for a girl next door she is pretty fucking hot! We blindfold our new bondage slut, add a tongue trap and step in and deliver a deep, hard throat fucking. We fuck her pretty face hard and deep. Over and over we push the cock down, deep in her throat her spit coats the cock and runs down her face. We fuck Alisha's throat until her brain flashes and sub space is felt. We pick her up and jam the hard cock deep into her wet pussy, she cums in seconds.

After fucking her to a couple of orgasms we put her back on the ground, now spreader bars keep her legs open as we vibrate her to several brutal screaming orgasms. Alisha is dazed, helpless and cumming like a common slut. We add nasty clamps to her huge nipples and pull them out to the spreader bars and make her cum more. During one of her huge orgasms she can't stay still and yanks the clamps off her nipples. We punish her for fucking up our bondage by putting the clamps back on and make her cum again.

In the end our new girl, has been throat fucked to subspace, fucked to multiple orgasms, vibrated to several more, and suffered tight inescapable bondage for quit a long time. She passed our test, a new talent discovered...
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