Painful Service Two Masters
This edge of your seat sadistic thriller of a scene continues with slave abigail covered in filth and teetering on the edge of doom. Perched on top of a block of wood and dangling from the ceiling, Master James continues to squelch tears from his slave's eyes with the rubber flogger and leather strap. It's almost like spending the day in the spa with a mud bath and the facial caning treatment, to promote circulation of course. Her fear really begins to show as the dragon's tongue and single tail are brought out to be wielded simultaneously. Just as she thinks her time of service may be through she is handed to Alebeard from Paintoy for some pain in the way that only Alebeard can deliver. He doesn't like things quite so dirty so he douses Abigail with cold water before he gives her a healthy dose of a thin leather strap whip. He then has her begin counting as he uses a cane on her backside. She gets to 20 before he changes it up with a thick leather paddle strap for the remaining 10 strikes.

BDSM, Extreme Domination, Brutal, Painful, Caned, Whipped, Bound, Beaten, Masochism, Sadism, Master Slave, BDSM Lifestyle, Real BDSM, Abigail Dupree, Alebeard, Master James, Crying, yelling, Sub Abuse, sado, Punishment, Erotic, SM
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