Buckets of Fun
Mia Torro infernalrestraints 2017-09-22 19.99 credits Buy Movie
As you might have seen on Hardtied, Mia Torro has a special ... ability. Like everything in life it all comes down to pussy. That wet little slit between her legs is like a goldmine. At the slightest mention of her own vaginal secretions Mia involuntarily squirts.

This discovery puts OT in the very exciting position of having the upper hand. It puts Mia in a very wet position. The pipe construction OT has built gives him plenty of ways to showcase Mia's body. Strappado, inverted, and spread.

OT clamps a bucket to Mia's labia. Immediately she understands her plight. Knowing that her own ... ability is about to torment her invokes that very torment. Her pussy begins to let loose. With each ejaculation the bucket gets heavier and heavier. Her labia gets more and more stretched.
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