Mia Torro    
2017-08-09, 30 minutes, 1,635 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 16.99 credits
Mia Torro has a special love affair with bondage. As each rope is wound around her body you can see the joy, excitement, and arousal play across her face. There's no doubt that she's wet even without getting a good long look at her naughty bits.

Once she's completely naked the evidence is clear as day. The sweet cream emanating from her tender folds is quite evident. This reveals a special talent of Mia's. Off camera OT calls attention to the wetness between her legs. He requested pictures be taken of her dripping cunny. This is a special trigger for Mia. Once that is said she can't help how wet she gets. You better believe OT is going to take advantage of this rare talent. Or is it an affliction.

Mia is pulled into a pile driver position with a funnel gag in her mouth. As OT makes light of her glistening slit she begins to spray herself. The wetness falls right into her open mouth. It seems to turn her on even more. The mere mention of her dripping snatch is enough to make her squirt.
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