Back for More Part 1
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Coming on our live show once is a trial for even the most hard core of our subs, so the fact that Nikki Darling has come back looking for seconds is something to behold. Her thirst for back-breaking bondage is absolutely unquenchable. That said, it doesn't hurt to try, and O.T. and London River are really going to do their best. They are going to use rope and metal to give Nikki all the fun she can possibly have.

First, they provide Nikki a cute girl and tie the two of them together, Nikki's rope gag to the other girl's hobbled hands and vice versa. Now they are gagged, holding each other in place as they are whipped and have their clothing cut and peeled away. Our handlers, however, grow weary of watching the two of them struggle, and take Nikki's play thing away to lock her in a cage on the floor where she can no longer be reached. And once she is gone it's time to have fun with Nikki on her own.

O.T. puts her down on her knees and bends her back over a horizontal bar, her arms tied behind her back and her neck tied to posts on either side of her. Then he attaches nipple clamps and sticks a black ball gag in her mouth. If that isn't enough, he puts a plastic bag over her head to make it hard for her to breathe while he vibrates her pussy with a hitachi. He unties the rope from the side posts and fastens it to the floor instead, so that her head is being pulled all the way back as she cums for him.
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