Therapy Part 1
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Harley Ace is in desperate need of help. She's been plagued for years with thoughts of sexualized, perverted versions of violent acts being performed on her. She has dreams almost every night about men tying her up, choking her, beating her, and using her like a fuck puppet. These dreams have Harley so concerned that she has decided to seek professional help in the form of O.T., a local and well renowned doctor of psychology.

O.T. has recommended a highly successful, but rather unorthodox form of therapy for Harley's problem. He wants to use exposure therapy on her and, once she is under his control, delve as deep as he can get into her subconscious fears and desires to find out where the two overlap. Harley is wary, but she's also so desperate to get her issue taken care of that she is willing to try just about anything proposed to her. She lies back on the couch and within a few minutes O.T. has her very relaxed.

With her eyes open but glazed, it is up to O.T. to do whatever he needs, or wants to do to Harley.She follows every command he gives her and in no time he has her on her knees with her legs spread and her neck and limbs tied to all the corners of the couch with rope. He slips a hook inside her pussy and starts to tear into her ass with a flogger. Harley may be relaxed, but she responds to each blow like she is loving it. She continues to cry out with the use of the cane and when the whip lashes across her tits. It's too soon to tell if it's helping Harley, but it's certainly doing some good for O.T. The rest of her treatment will be even more intense. Check it out on
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