Am I pretty for you though handicapped by given a pile of disadvantages? Do you like my fine Asian dress. How do you like my pink lace high heel pumps as I stumble under the weight of the large wooden yoke? Master has me chained hooked, hoisted up high on my heels. The ass hook has me painfully stationary to the spot that Master placed me for you.

Are you pleased when I am disabled from pain in my feet, legs, ass, shoulders as the manacles digging deeper into my wrists? My painful pleasures flower under his groping all over my body, the pain is thick and almost unbearable.

You must be pleased. to make sure, He whips me to cry for you.

Am I pretty for you now that I am waist attached to a hot walker and the modified IV pole deeply spiked in my ass. I use the arm crutches to help me walk around the circuit, performing the task Master has for me under a timer.

Am I pretty for you as Master ass fucks me while I suck on my binky?

Then your sure to like me as I am here for you, as Master fashions me incapacitated, crippled and lame.

tags; BDSM, One Bar Prison, Device Bondage, Arm Crutches, Hot Walker, Master, slave, painful, pleasure, handicapped, disabled, Metal Device, Female Training, Slave Transformation, Dehumanization, China Doll, Doll Fantasy, disadvantaged, incapacitated, crippled, lame, Body Prison, Sensualpain
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