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Marica Hase is a pretty, young thing, a hot Asian moaner that we love seeing in metal bondage. Actually, to tell the truth we like seeing her in anything but clothes. That's why we stripped her ass naked and locked her down as quickly as possible. There are a few great ways to turn a submissive slut like Marica into a cum drunk puddle of flesh, and we could easily pick one and stick with it, but it is so much more fun to give her a taste, tease a few orgasms out of her, then work her up again.

Starting her sitting, we lock her in place with handcuffs, then go the extra mile by binding her with metal cables. We pull her up to her feet and use leather straps to put her into a brutal box tie. It keeps her arms up and out of the way while we work her pussy over with the hitachi.

When we get her on the ground with bars holding her in place, then work her body over with a flogger. She loves a bit of pain before she's penetrated, and she gets more than enough to leave her dripping wet. When Mr. Pogo splits her pussy open she is ready to cum and we haven't hit her with the vibrator again, yet.

That's the way her day is going. A bit of pain, a little pleasure, and Marica moaning and screaming the entire time.
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