Biker Bondage Chick
Harley Ace Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-10-14 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Biker Bondage Chick Harley Ace may think of herself as a hard ass, but in the hands of Jack Hammer she is just a soft, fleshy play thing. Hot as hell, Harley has a long day ahead of her, being beaten, tied and tormented by the best in the business.

In the office she has a nice leather couch to sit on, it's comfortable, even if it accentuates the contorting bondage that she is in. Jack is nice enough to give her a quick orgasm while he roughs her up a bit.

In the dungeon Harley has a whole new set of problems to face. The cane leaves those thick welts on her ass that Jack loves so much. Nipple clamps pull her tits down to the floor, keeping her bent over and her ass in the air. Even worse, he comes at her next with the whip. If she thought the cane stung, the whip is like a knife cutting across her body. It doesn't open skin, but maybe if it did Jack would ease up a little bit. As it is the thing just leaves more bright red stripes across her ass and thighs.
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