Anal Slave Inspection
For the past few months, Master James has had His slave abigail occupied with priorities that don't necessarily involve shoving large toys in her asshole for your viewing pleasure. But that doesn't mean that the rule stating that 'her holes must be ready at any and all times for her Master's use and pleasure' doesn't stay in affect. Master James asks His slave if her ass would pass an inspection and her hesitation tells Him all He needs to know before turning on the camera for you to see her struggle. Restrained on her back with her legs pinned to her chest by a rusty steel bar cinched down on the backs of her thighs, He kindly lubes up the smaller steel egg and begins stretching her ass to where He likes it. It doesn't take long for Him to get impatient though so he quickly moves past the next two toys that inch up in size and goes for the big kahuna, Chance... the dildo of the equine variety. Obviously challenged by it's girth, abigail yelps and moans as she tries to concentrate on relaxing those sphincter muscles that are on edge. Fear and relaxation don't usually go hand in hand. Will she pass her inspection???
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