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Paige Pierce finds herself in the clutches of Matt Williams. Like all kinky little sluts before her she's going to take everything he can dish out. The Sybian ride of doom he calls it. She can't escape the thunderous vibration between her legs. She's held in place and the Insex mask makes it impossible for her to see.

Matt is a master at tormenting nipples. Weights tied to strings attached to her nipple piercings are one way to get Paige moaning and crying. The zipper he places over her body is another. The pain and pleasure she feels when the zipper comes off takes her to a place she's only dreamt about.

The two pillars hold Paige in place while Matt expertly canes and whips her. Her body is his to mark as he pleases. Her tears please him more than anything else. For that he rewards her with orgasms.
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