The Sweat Box
Mia Gold infernalrestraints 2013-09-06 49.99 credits Buy Movie
Mia Gold tics all the right boxes in her interview. She describes being bound and abused as a “fantasy” and a “turn on.” She says she thinks it's sexy to watch and even better to be watched.

She languishes for a bit in a hogtie, helplessly trying to find a way to relieve the stress of the position. It won't be a problem for long, though. The next position she is in has her arms pulled up behind her. This kneeling strappado position lets me whip her ass while I vibrate her pussy, and gives me a chance to cane her feet until she screams through her gag.

Her final test is definitely the hardest, though. Clamps pinch her tongue, nipples and pussy, keeping her spread open for the vibrator and gives me an interesting target for a few strokes with the whip.
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