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It's a mystery where OT finds the women he uses on his stage. He found Lux wandering the street and he just had to have her. He puts her in the back of his car and drags her back to his studio. Her struggles are futile in the black leather hood and handcuffs. Once she's on his stage he locks her tightly into a wooden contraption. The dirt still sticks to her legs.

Sometimes OT builds up to tormenting his subjects, but with Lux he doesn't spare a second. She's screaming immediately, but the position could easily be made less comfortable. That's just what OT had in mind. Holding her own body weight up requires a tremendous amount of energy and it slowly wears Lux down.

The sweat drips down her face as he torments her with every tool at his disposal. Most subjects would crack under these circumstances, but Lux is learning to enjoy it. OT hooks her sweet little asshole and beats her harder while she's straddling the vibrator. If you asked her if she wanted to leave she'd say no!
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