Pay the Price
Olivia Fawn infernalrestraints 2015-07-24 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Olivia Fawn is about to learn that there is a cost for rampant flirtation. She can't just go through her life trying to make men want her for the attention. She needs to know that some men, strong men, are willing to do something about it.

Payment will come in the form of pain, suffering, bondage and humiliation. OT is going to be the administrator of her account. Shackled to a wooden frame, Olivia is exposed and helpless. She can't cover herself against his blows or close her legs to his probing hands. He puts her onto her back with a metal post holding her legs up and proceeds to mercilessly paddle her ass and pussy.

She is transformed by this experience. When it began she was prudish and coy. She pretended to be interested in men for the attention but she was never going to give them anything more than it took to keep them interested. But after the treatment from OT she is begging to cum and desperate for cock. Now it is time for her to see how it feels to be used by the opposite sex and left unfulfilled.
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