Feel My Ropes
Master Kyaa stopped by from out of town for a rope session at the Sensualpain Studio Dungeon today and she is in command. Goddess Master Kyaa loves to put obedient slaves in rope bondage for the squeals and yelps that she gets out of them while they are in her tight ropes. Slave abigail is so used to metal and wood device bondage that she forgets how long it has been sense she has been put in rope bondage as a bottom. A must see for the sadomasochism as well as the art of rope bondage and suspension.

BDSM, Female Domination, Rope Bondage, Impact Session, Whipped, Female Master, Rope Suspension, Female Top, Girl Girl, Crotch-less Panties, Spanking, Sadomasochism, Goddess Kyaa, Abigail Dupree
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