Wheel of Torment
Sailor Luna    
2018-12-28, 47 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 19.99 credits
Sailor Luna has been convicted of a serious crime. Her sentence was several years in a maximum security prison. The judge offered an alternative and Luna gladly accepted. Sailor Luna had seen the Wheel of Torment show before. She knew how rough it could be, but it seemed better than prison. She may not feel the same after filming.

Strapped to the wheel she was spun four times to determine her fate. Each spin would mean a different challenge. The challenges themselves were horrible. The orgasm challenge required being stripped in front of a live audience and try to cum in ten minutes. Each minute elapsed was another punishment point.

The tickle challenge. She must stay still and quiet for five minutes. Every minute she squirms or makes any noise is two punishment points. The deepthroat challenge. For each inch she is unable to suck she gets another point. The food challenge. She must eat twenty balls of jello. For each uneaten ball she is given another punishment point. Each time she speaks she gets a talking point. With 34 punishment points and six talking points Sailor Luna is definitely regretting her decision.
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