Cadence of Surrender
Mary Ellen sensualpain 2018-08-01 9.99 credits Buy Movie
A raw captured moment of a Master in power exchange with his slave. The chances of you witnessing this type of exchange in a true Master⁄slave BDSM dynamic, as it unfolds are very slim indeed. This is one reason I record such interactions of trust and love in a such a perverted way, it is difficult to understand. Some will see this act as bizarre, even extremely graphic and completely misunderstood. Open you mind to witness this rare exchange and be enlightened to new ways to relate to other humans unfettered and primal. Master Charles and his slave Maryellen are an experienced M⁄s couple that live a real 24⁄7 lifestyle, they have their own methodology of what works for them and is completely consensual. This video is not for the light of heart and is graphic in nature, nonsexual physically but mentally very arousing.
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