Broken Blonde
We called this live feed “Broken Blonde”. That's not how Rain DeGrey starts off, but it is how she's going to end up. Rain is a veteran of BDSM. She has worked with us before and she vividly remembers the torments we put her through with her last live feed. She even makes the bold claim that she has seen or done it all. It doesn't take very long for our members to start coming up with new and twisted ideas that she has either never thought of or never dared to participate in.

Not everything she has done has been fun and games. She has the most sensitive nipples we've ever come across and she hates having them clamped and tortured. She is afraid of electricity and would do just about anything to avoid it. There is no reason not to use that information against her. We attached a few bells to her tits and told her that if she makes any noise things will get worse for her. They made a racket even when she tried to stay completely still. As soon as we started shocking her she had no hope of keeping them still.

Whips across her tits and vibrators on her clit are just a warm up for a pro like Rain. Last time we had her in our clutches we drove pins underneath her toe nails. Everyone knows that these feeds get more intense as time goes on. If we took her to a level that would make most girls safe word so early in the show, you can only imagine what we've got coming up next.
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