Game Face
Sarah Jane Ceylon    
2010-08-06, 48 minutes, 542 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 34.95 credits
There is something about a countdown that builds anticipation. As the numbers tick away the otherwise imperceptible sounds of a clock suddenly begin to reverberate throughout a room. PD has set up electrodes to give Sarah Jane Ceylon a nasty jolt whenever the timer finds 0. As every second passes, as each of the clicks echoes in the otherwise silent room, her muscles all tense with the rhythm.

He loves to play these kinds of games with women. They always cry and scream more when there is the creeping thought of suffering in the back of their minds. The threat of pain is so effective when it comes to making a slut cower. Everyone knows that PD has the sickest mind and the most sadistic interests. That knowledge will break her just as quickly as his collection of whips, canes and implements of pain.
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