The Little Whore That Could Part 1
When you're hauled out of the back of a van in manacles and a hood you know it is going to be a hell of a day. For most people that means something terrible is coming, but if you were a hot ass bondage slut like Nikki Darling then you would have a completely different perspective on the situation. Sure she's moaning, crying, and screaming, but she's also loving every second of it.

Jack Hammer stores her in a cage for a bit while he plays with her. It isn't the main event, though. That comes when he straps her down to a wooden box and spreads her legs. It isn't what you would normally call the “Fuck me” position, but it sure as hell does the job. Her holes are exposed and all 10 inches of his cock are rock hard.

Jack does to Nikki what every man wants to from the second they see her. He bends her over, straps her down, and fucks her right in the pussy. She has to grit her teeth to take him all inside of her. It hurts having that much dick splitting her open. Nikki may be too tight for this brutal fucking to feel good for her, but for Jack her cunt is the perfect fit.
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