Abusing Dana 2- Full video of our first two Dana shoots.
Dana paintoy 2016-08-29 10.99 credits Buy Movie
This cult-like classic paintoy video has been remastered for quality and is presented in it's entirety along with the second Dana shoot in its entirety. NOTE - At about the 35.30 minute mark, there is a small box that appears and focuses on one specific area that has a clothespin attached to it, and then at about 42 minutes, still at the log bed. Her outburst makes me get a girl boner every time!!!! MUST WATCH

This poor painslut has everything in the BDSM toy bag thrown at her and she just keeps coming back. She must be the most superb crying masochist ever born. She fills so many dreams with her lusty snot bubbling screams and screeches. Come and watch Dana suffer.
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