Conjugal Visit 2
Charlotte Vale infernalrestraints 2020-06-05 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Life is tough for Charlotte Vale. This day starts with a rude awakening. She had to spend the night locked away with her mouth in prime cock-sucking position because that is what the man that owns her wants. Now she needs to demonstrate what that experience has taught her. While most people would enjoy eggs and bacon for breakfast, hers is just dry oats swimming in her own urine. She needs to eat. She is starving but he will not give her anything else. She has to eat it, as much as it makes her wretch.

There is cold, electrified metal inside of her now. PD wants to watch her cum, but all Charlotte wants is a warm cock. Her screams and her tears are what make him hard, and that is the nature of her predicament. To get the fucking she so desperately desires she has to take the pain and humiliation that terrifies her.
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