Taught To Be Used
Abigail Dupree 2018-09-09 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Sex slaves are in constant training for the Master in both domestic and sexual service. One could say that the training never really ends by the elevated expectations over time as all good slaves submit to.

Here is another few scenes recorded on video, a captured moment of I as Master training my slave, enjoying her painful predicaments up close and personal. Though young and fragile physically, she has a strong constitution in mind and spirit. The sadist in me toys with this young fragility she emits in abundance. The efforts are in the choosing from numerous torments she has never experienced, could prove fatal at any moment.. The balance shifts fast, but you cannot judge her absolute limits by the painful noises of pitiful anguish that escapes her lips. Yes, the torment continues under her sobbing and begging plea's to be released , noises that would cause others to rush to her safety, the genetic code that compel most to help another from pain and suffering, that I do posses, but love the choice to rather listen to the music of anguish, poke the tender bits as it were.. I pump my foot to that cadence.. Is this wrong?... nahh... not if I have their consent and remind them of their safe word..

Here in the first part I as her Master, stuff the anal toys in her nylons that I would want to see her use. she is ordered to install a tunnel anal plug in her ass, put her in the standing cage to perv her sexually. I give her a painful caning before breaking off for dinner.

After W⁄we eat, I have her in a nice dark wig, dolled up in just leggings and a corset. Attaching the hook of the block and tackle to her collar around her neck, I tether her with the rope. Watching her fucking her asshole with a dong mounted on the post as she gives me head in the ass-up position, bent over one of a favorite spanking trestle is simply delicious. I then enjoyed fucking her from behind in her educated pussy, switching ends to have her suck my cock to get me nice and wet to fuck her trained asshole. Another training session under her belt will add to the value of this chattel quite nicely.
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