Tuition 1
She's looking for easy money. God knows what he's looking for. He picks her up in a small town and drives her someplace way on the edge of nowhere. She doesn't know it yet, but she's in trouble. And he's ready for cunt.

He cable ties her wrists to her ankles then makes her suck his cock right there in the front seat of his truck. Then he stuffs her mouth with a Maxi-pad and wraps electrical tape around her head. She's helpless now. Completely. He drives her even farther out the long road to nowhere.

A noose around her neck leads her toward a barn. Trapped against the rough barn siding, she's folded neatly in half at the waist. He bangs her so hard the head of his dick must be pounding the bone of her back.

Bilbos and a long cleaning with a bristle brush prep her for another mouth job. He jams his long cock so deep in her throat she can't breathe. And he holds her head there until she squirms, desperate for air. She screams hysterically as he inflates first an ass plug then a dildo inside of her. After lacing a hood tightly to her face, he leaves her for the night.

It's the weekend. One day down.
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