412 Live 2
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As we move into the second half of her live feed it is time to prepare for the prized interrogation. Begin with the connections by inserting a long shaft with conductors running up the circumference. This proves to be to weak -- no problem; there are many electrical tools in the kit. Another speculum is inserted and cranked wide open. This one is special; each tong is a conductor and the power box has a remote control for convenient switching.

Applying the juice we can see her contractions sucking the thing up into her. It’s working. “When was the last time you lied?” “The last time I lied”. She thinks about it. ZAP!! “I lied to my friends”. ZAP!!!

She is demounted and with a rag between her teeth she toils to wipe up the piss that she sprayed all over the floor.

Next, she is suspended by her wrist from a bar and allowed to balance her feet on a steel ball. Now we will begin her canning. What’s that?!! Seriously, she is oozing thick glistening juice from her cunt. Her canning aroused her (it often does with these bitches). We tape her into the steel chair and apply castrations bands to her nipples. We follow that up with suctioning so her tits can be rubber banded. All the better to feel the prickly stick.
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