Syren De Mer, MILF magnet supreme, completely dehumanized and reduced to a mouth pussy!
We are sure that the fit and toned Syren De Mer is a very nice person with many interests and hobbies. She probably really likes hiking and the smell of lavender. We don't care. Today isn't about Syren De Mer as a person, today is about reducing her to a mouth pussy for our use. Simple basic sucking. Her face hole, our dicks. We aren't going to ask about her hobbies.

Using a big wooden beam, Syren is shackled into place on her knees with her arms strictly drawn up behind her. The beam ensures that she is completely unable to shift her head away. It is a position she better get used to, she is going to be there for a while. A leather blindfold keeps her unable to anticipate what will be coming her way. What will be coming her way is a veritable onslaught on cock.

We walk up and put her hands to use. She can't see them, but she can feel what will soon be drilling her throat into next week. Once unsheathed, we let loose. It is a cock Armageddon. One after the other the cocks own her. She can do nothing but limply endure and we are just getting started. Shifting out from the leather blindfold, we add a stocking and tape gag. She doesn't need to see, we only need her mouth. The stocking humiliatingly pulls her head back, turning her into a dehuman sex machine.

The dicks, the blindfolds, the vibrators all combine to send Syren spiraling down the sexual rabbit hole. She is gasping and disorientated, uncertain which end is which. She no longer knows her name, only that her purpose is to suck whatever dick comes her way. When we have had our fill, we walk away, leaving her drooling weakly upon herself. This is a throat training she don't be forgetting anytime soon.
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