Suffering for Science Part 1
Doctor London River is the foremost expert on the topic of inflicting pain. She runs the Institute for the Analysis of Agony, an entire organization dedicated to experimenting with powerful and painful erotic stimulation. And every experiment needs test subjects. Abigail Dupree and Slave Fluffy will do nicely.

The first phase of trials has them each strapped into a chair for some serious sensory deprivation. They are blindfolded and their ears are filled with white noise. London carefully studies their reactions as they become more and more terrified of what is coming next. They should be.

The wooden post in the middle of the room provides no cover for the subjects when they are strapped to it. London's expert whip work plays across their bodies, eliciting a serious of moans and screams that let her know that this set of data is going to be excellent. There are still more tests to come. She needs to find her subjects' breaking points.
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