Jingle Sluts
There is no beating around the bush with this live feed. The first few questions our members ask are a way to establish exactly what Cadence Cross and Nikki Darling are into. They have a lot in common it turns out. They love humiliation, they love tight bondage, they love pain and orgasms and corporal punishment. What a fortunate coincidence. We love those things, too!

The reverse prayer is one of the most intense bondage positions out there. In fact, most girls can't even twist their bodies enough to get into it, never mind trying to stay in it for an extended period of time. And the way tough, positional bondage works, the more stimulus there is the harder it is to hold on.

Cadence and Nikki can both manage the reverse prayer, but for how long? We're never interested in making things easy for them. Once the hands are pulled up behind their backs things begin to get complicated. Castration bands around their nipples are bad, but tying them to each other so that their movements create a painful tug was just inspired. One gets the vibrator, the other gets the whip, but they both start wriggling right away.

And that's just the beginning. These two are determined to keep going with this live feed so there is no reason to treat them with the kid gloves. There are a lot of games in store for them. Before we move on to round two, though, they have to make it out of round one. That means getting each other free from the bondage holding them in place. It's probably be a lot easier to do if they could use more than their mouths.
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