KoKo Kitty Matt Williams hardtied 2016-11-30 16.99 credits Buy Movie
If there is one thing we know for a fact about KoKo Kitty it is that she is a big time A-list squirter. It's ridiculous. Every time you make this girl cum the entire room gets soaked, and KoKo cums on a dime. Luckily, Matt Williams likes it wet and wild, and he's ready to see just how much he and KoKo together can make it rain. With any luck he'll be splashing around in rain boots in the puddles she makes by the end of their time together.

When we arrive at KoKo she is sat down on a sybian vibrator, tied down to the floor by a rope around her waist, and dressed in a tiny pink dress that doesn't even cover her bare pussy. Matt cuts the straps off of her skimpy dress, then he turns on the sybian and takes out a flogger. As she sits there, completely overwhelmed by the power of the vibration from the sybian, Matt flogs the rest of the dress off of her, gradually uncovering her tits and stomach, making each stroke more painful as less of her is covered by fabric. Once they are totally exposed, he ties her nipples down to the floor so she is made to bend even farther forward than her strappado is already pushing her.

Matt then ties her up so she is lying on her back, her ankles lashed to wooden poles on either side of her to keep her legs spread, and her neck tied down to the floor. He takes a little time to cane her feet and flog her pussy to get her worked up. Then it's time for the waterworks. First he takes out the metal pussy hook, sticks it inside her and starts fucking her silly. In no time at all she is squirting all over the place, but it still isn't enough, so he takes out the hitachi and vibrates her too. There is cum flying everywhere and Matt Williams is a happy camper, practically bathing in it.
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