Dolcett Delight
Alani Pi infernalrestraints 2019-12-13 19.99 credits Buy Movie
I'm a hungry girl. I like to eat really delicious food, but I've never had a meal like this before. First he checked the meat. He wanted it to be nice and firm before he tenderized it.

He took his time making it nice and tender. Each stroke made the piece better, he could see and feel his progress. Then he marinated it. Some ginger, beets, parsnip, even some spinach.

Once marinated he basted it to perfection. He rubbed in some coconut oil. Removing the perfect piece was his next task. He let me trim and fry our dinner.

I've never tasted such a delicacy, but I may have to try it again. Due to limited supply of such cuts of meat I'll have to savor each bite.
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