Confessions of a Homewrecker
Emma Haize Matt Williams hardtied 2014-04-30 16.99 credits Buy Movie
“I just love the feeling of someone having complete control over me.” That's what Emma Haize said that really caught our attention. We brought her in for a very special shoot. Matt Williams is going to provide her with an intense bondage experience, something she is extremely into, and he is going to do it all in one take. There is no cutting the action this time, no breaks to catch her breath or plan his next move. It will be the entirely organic procession of one thing into the next. They take a bit of time to get to know each other, to build a connection, and then the action starts.

Pumped suction cups are not like nipple clamps. They don't just pinch down and make the nipples hurt. They cause a flood of sensation in the area that makes the entire area more sensitive. Emma already has a nipples that react to the lightest touch. Some time in the cups makes the clamps that go on later excruciating.

Later Matt's got her set up in a rough hog tie. She confessed to some pretty fucked up offenses against her friends. She is a slut and a home wrecker and she needs to be punished with a brutal caning. The bottoms of her feet aren't used to that much punishment and that makes them easy targets. This is uncut, she only has the time it takes to put her in a new position to recover from the last blows and get ready for the next ones. There is a reason Emma loves the rough play so much. She'll being flying high from endorphins for quite some time.
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