[Archive] Play With Me
Endza Adair Rain DeGrey topgrl 2015-04-20 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Endza is a squirmer. She wants me to play with her but whenever I put my hands on her she starts to shimmy and shift like she is trying to do a little dance in her bondage. It's sexy as hell, but I still want her to sit still.

Endza is a bit of a screamer, too. Her reaction to pain is a classic. She shrieks a bit, and struggles to get away, but the bondage is secure, there is no escape. I already knew she would wiggle a bit and the little bit of give in the shackles and leather straps that hold her in place let her show me her hottest moves.

When she's cumming she can't control herself. She wants to beg for permission, but after a few early orgasms she can't even form words anymore. Instead she is just gibbering and cum-drunk, struggling to communicate, knowing that if she can't get it together then the feeling between her legs that is threatening to drive her insane may never stop.

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