Masochist On a Limb
Starlight sensualpain 2018-05-27 16.99 credits Buy Movie introduces Starlight. A sexual deviant, a masochist, a squirting trollop wanton for play... Here to be a slave girl for the day. With rope, leather, steel and wood bondage, Master James put this Masochist out on the limb, literally playing this girl like a sensual puppet at the mercy of a BDSM Masters fingers. She is elecro shocked, whipped, vibrated, cropped, and man handled teetering between pleasure and pain with cries moans and wet vibrating goodness, she is spent in no time while dancing at the end of her rope by her hair, feeling hard cock that she cannot have. Some slaves will never have real cock no matter how much begging and promiscuity it displays.

Another brilliant show of sexual sadomasochism in bondage, at its finest.

tags; Bondage Device, Extreme Domination, Bound Orgasms, suffering, masochist, Electric play, squirting, whipping, vibrator play, rope bondage, Sensualpain, female orgasm, pussy slapping, pain, painful, pain, slut, pain play, Steel Bondage, Bondage humiliation, Female Desperation, Bound and Beaten, steel restraints, intense, German girl
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