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Alina West starts off experiencing exactly the kind of bondage she was expecting. It involved shackles and nipple clamps and a strong man running his hands all over her body. She's a hot blonde. She has a nice set of tits. She could probably find a man willing to shower her with attention and affection, but instead she is here, getting the kind of humiliating treatment that she has always wanted.

But this isn't just some dungeon. OT is one of the best minds in metal bondage. He has some ideas on how to make this experiencing more unique. You've never seen a sex swing like this. It's a metal frame that Alina straddles that has a number of points to secure her to. Her wrists and ankles lock into shackles and the ass hook keeps her from wriggling around too much. It is easy to spear her cunt with Mr. Pogo in the position she's in. He can even make the whole thing vibrate if he's feeling kind. She's suspended off the ground and not going anywhere, so he may as well have some fun.
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