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Mandy Muse hardtied 2016-06-01 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Mandy Muse came looking to get some glamour shots for her boyfriend, but O.T. wants to see her in a different kind of shoot. He's got a theme in mind, "Bondage and Discipline" and Mandy is naive enough to go along with it, without even negotiating her limits. She's scared, sure, but who wouldn't be, because in a matter of minutes she's completely tied up on the couch and he's making a video that she hopes her boyfriend never sees.

She's never been into pain before, at least not like this. O.T.'s got her on the couch, legs spread wide, and he paints a bulls-eye on her pretty, shaved pussy with her own lipstick. That's where the whip is going to land, replacing the bright pink with a deep, wounded red. Her whole body will get the same treatment; tits, back, ass, all of it covered in thin welts from the intense single tail action.

Mandy should hate this, but she can't control how her body reacts. Her wet pussy is ready to explode with anticipation. He puts a vibrator up to her clit and she can't control herself. He's calling her awful names and it just makes it worse. The orgasms come, she can't stop them, and she knows that she can't let anyone else see this tape.
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