Sarah Blake infernalrestraints 2010-05-14 49.99 credits Buy Movie
Infernal Restraints is all about hard bondage and twisted torments. Sarah showed up expecting it to be rough, but nothing could have prepared her for what she got. Without hesitation Damon Pierce nailed her to a post by her hands. It all happened so fast she did not even have the chance to protest. There will be plenty of time for that later. He is going to make her beg for more until her mind and body can no longer take it.

Sarah is eventually released from the post but it does not mean the end of her pain. Quite the contrary, Damon is only moving her so that he can make her a better target for his whip. Each stroke raises a lovely little red stripe across her body to show that it has hit the mark. It gives her the opportunity to stretch her legs a little, which she should be grateful for. When he is tired of watching Sarah trot about Damon is going to nail her into the most uncomfortable position yet. Sure, she will be able to cum this time, but only if she can persevere through the punishment enough to satisfy her captor.
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