Begged and Denied
Arielle Aquinas hardtied 2018-05-30 16.99 credits Buy Movie
You don't always get what you want. Sometimes the person tying you up decides that you're not going to get to cum until they want you to. Arielle has to gag herself. She is instructed to take her panties of and shove them in her mouth. Then she has to wind tape around her head till she can't talk.

As the day progresses Arielle is teased to the point of desperation. It's the kind of feeling that feels good, but kinda hurts. Her cunt is drippy with desire. She's still not going to get off. OT loves the begging and Arielle begs beautifully. It's just enough to not be whiney, but to really get across how needy she is.

Arielle's clit gets really big inside the suction cup. She's already so sensitive, but now she's really on fire. Her vagina is creaming just anticipating the vibrator. With her clit still sucked up in the cup OT vibrates her as he's pulling on her neck rope. She's so ready to cum.
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